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Evangelist Billy Leggette built this one-of-a-kind motorhome in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada, in 1962 and 1963. Leggette’s design for his mobile home was apparently divinely inspired. In a flyer he distributed to his flock describing his evangelical mission, he wrote, “God gave me a mental picture of this design and dimensions while waiting before Him in prayer.” The truck is a 1962 GMC 930 with a 5-ton chassis powered by a modest 261-cubic-inch inline 6-cylinder engine. Leggette and his wife traveled in their mobile mansion throughout Canada, the United States, and Mexico, spreading the gospel until his death in 1978 at age sixty-five. The present owner, Bill Coulson, rescued it from a farm property where it had been sitting for seventeen years. Photographed in Camp Dearborn, Michigan.