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William Van Altena House built by Ernest Flagg in 1925 1916 East Glendale Ave. <br />
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Built in 1925 the William Van Altena House is one of two Flagg system built houses on the tour (Storybook Style tour put on by Historic Milwaukee in Oct 2002). Local contractor Arnold F. Meyer was responsible for the construction on 25 of these homes throughout the Milwaukee area, all of which are listed on the National Register. The home's architectural styling is reminiscent of rural French architecture. Indeed, the tower like entrance, numerous decorative chimneys (only ?? are actually functional) as well as the curved stone entrance path lend themselves to the overall Storybook character of the house.<br />
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The original owners of the home were William and Meta Van Altena. William worked as an assistant actuary at the Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company until his death in 1932. This residence was home to two subsequent owners of note, the first of which were Harold and Lucie Murphy between 1950 and 1967. Harold was the publisher of the North Shore Publishing Company, while Lucie was the editor and manager. It was said that they opperated the business out of the office adjacent to the kitchen. Also, Fred Hetzel lived here for a short time. Hetzel was a member of the Milwaukee Bucks Hockey (?) team in 1968 <br />
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