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The tidy 7- by 30-foot courtyard in this 1927 Spanish-style bungalow in San Diego is sandwiched between the house and a former garage that has been converted into an artist’s studio. The courtyard, was designed by the current owner after acquiring the property in 1998. Truly an “econo-court,” this courtyard shows that one need not spend a lot of money to achieve an excellent effect. The courtyard has all the elements of a residence courtyard (four walls, a water element, and a seating area) in condensed form. A mission-style concrete fountain provides the requisite water element. Plants, all in containers on the concrete patio, are variegated yucca and impatiens (in the left foreground) ivy pelargonium (on a table in back of the yucca),  Fishhook Senecio (the two long hanging plants on the far wall with the door,) and fuchsia. On the back right side of the courtyard are pelargonium, impatiens, aeonium, fortnight lily and gardenia. Bougainvillea and variegated bower vine are in the front.<br />
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San Diego Courtyard