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PAINTING THE OUTFIELD FENCE AT LANDIS FIELD, C. 1922. Even Tom Sawyer might not have persuaded anyone to help paint this fence. The businesses advertised on the fence--two sporting goods stores and Cozy Corner soda shop--were founded or relocated to the listed addresses in the early 1920s. Buck Beltzer built Landis Field in 1922 at Second and P Streets, west across the viaduct from downtown Lincoln. It was home to a charter franchise of the Class D Nebraska State League, the Lincoln Links, which returned organized baseball to Lincoln after a five-year hiatus. Beltzer named his field for Kenesaw Mountain Landis, the first commissioner of Major League Baseball. It was home to Nebraska State League and Western League teams until 1939.<br />
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Photographs taken on black and white glass negatives by African American photographer(s) John Johnson and Earl McWilliams from 1910 to 1925 in Lincoln, Nebraska. Douglas Keister has 280 5x7 glass negatives taken by these photographers. Larger scans available on request.