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What appears to be some sort of intergalactic transportation device is actually a combination motorhome/limousine that is the brainchild of Finnish immigrant Antti Rahko. Antti, who is a mechanic by trade, welded two 1983 Mercedes station wagons together in 2000 and then got to work accessorizing his creation. Highlights of the 30-foot turbo-diesel vehicle are a flying saucer–like, wind-activated generator that supplies energy for the multitude of lights; 2 driven axels to facilitate tight turning; mirrors on the rear doors so passengers can see where they’ve been; a refrigerator; stove; patio lights; a Finn-jet side-mounted exhaust that belches diesel smoke; and miscellaneous parts salvaged from over forty different vehicles. <br />
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When configured as a motorhome, the Mercedes sleeps two, leaving ample room for garage-sale finds Antti and his wife pick up during their travels. An extra large refrigerator accommodates the gallons of blueberries the couple picks up on their annual trip to Canada. By the spring of 2005, the vehicle had logged 235,000 miles.<br />
Photographed at Lake Worth, Florida.