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The horse-drawn gypsy wagons may be no more, but thanks to James Nelson, folks can have a modern-day version. By trade James is a sign painter and, according to his business card, moonlights as a brain surgeon and builder of gypsy caravans. James has created over a dozen gypsy wagons, some of which are mounted on conventional vans while others are stand-alone trailers. All of them are true to the gypsy spirit and have real stained-glass windows, rich wood interiors, and whimsical detailing. The tow vehicle in this photograph is a 2002, 12-passenger, 1-ton Dodge van. After tearing off the roof, James constructed the shell of mahogany and pine so that it would be high enough to stand in but not too tall to cause instability. Photographed at the Flywheelers Park, Avon Park, Florida.