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Hollywoodland<br />
Los Angeles California<br />
Note the carefully distressed half-timbering and intentionally “crumbling” stucco at the home’s entrance.  In Storybook Style homes, the lumber used for false half-timbering (virtually none was structural) was frequently distressed with rasps or gouges to produce a timeworn appearance; art director/architect Harry Oliver even favored having timbers charred in an incinerator and then wire-brushed to achieve a suitably ancient look.  <br />
The crumbled-stucco technique involved affixing a masonry veneer onto a select area of wall and then holding the stucco back from its edges in a ragged shape, revealing an illusory patch of stone or brick from which the stucco appears to have fallen off.  This overt bit of shammery is especially derivative of film sets which, like the vast majority of Storybook homes, are generally framed entirely in wood yet deftly imitate masonry buildings of all kinds.