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San Francisco California<br />
In this double-barreled rarety in San Francisco, the right turret forms a porch complete with glass window, while the left one encloses an entry hall.  Storybook architects were positively smitten with the design possibilities inherent in circular turrets, and came up with surprising variations on the theme.  Although unusual designs such as this one worked well enough on paper, constructing them often proved more challenging:  while stucco and shingles could easily conform to the required curves, rain gutters could not.  In some cases, gutters were laboriously fabricated from short sections joined to produce the required radius;  more often, they were simply omitted altogether.  <br />
The awkward juncture between turret and roof plane also made this area a frequent source of leaks.  While the brave designer of this house may have been risking double trouble, he also achieved an admittedly unique result.